Workshop and restoration

Breathing new life into old splendour: We restore cars to a perfect and faithful delivery condition with sensitivity and care. We strive to both faithfully restore cars to their former glory and to retain as much as possible of the original material. Our restoration specialists only replace those body parts, mechanical components and sections of the interior trim that are beyond saving. All reusable parts and assemblies are restored to their original condition with care and sensitivity – our motto when restoring cars is: As much as necessary, as little as possible. And if you need to keep an untouched, patinated original car in a roadworthy condition, you have come to the right place.


Precision. Perfection. Passion.

The Kienle philosophy – the best or nothing – also demands a unique company concept: Top-level restorations can only be achieved when virtually every technical process are carried out carefully by in-house specialists under constant, meticulous quality control. Kienle offers restorations from a single source – performed by experts who boast professional expertise combined with a passion for classic Mercedes cars and who will accept one thing and one thing only: The best or nothing.


Bodywork and shell, joinery

Shaping: The Kienle bodyshop workers, who include many master craftspeople and an vehicle wheelwright, are true artists when it comes to working with sheet metal.


Upholstery department

Tight-knit: Kienle upholsterers restore convertible soft tops, seats and interior trims to their original condition using old craftsmanship methods.


Engine construction with engine test rig

Built for stamina: Every machine reconditioned by Kienle engine specialists undergoes an endurance test on the test rig.


Automotive electrical systems

Electrifying: Kienle automotive electricians ensure that the correct current is applied, even for highly complex components.


Replacement parts warehouse and parts procurement

Wholesale: With more than 40,000 individual components in stock, Kienle has a unique and complete range and can procure rare pieces.


Repair, overhaul and rebuilding of radiators

Repair, overhaul and rebuilding of radiators for all car brands for example Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bentley, Hyundai, Opel etc.

Mechanical department and tool manufacture

Precision work: Reconditioning parts and aggregates in accordance with their factory specifications, reproducing required parts and manufacturing special tools – Kienle mechanics can do all this with ease.


Final assembly and finishing

Finishing touches: Experienced specialists, masters of the automotive craft, carefully assemble all of the restored components – and then comes the fine polishing.


Sales and mediation

Lucky charms: Kienle Automobiltechnik knows where to find your dream car – and sells or mediates sales worldwide.


Parts reproduction

Parts service: Kienle reproduces spare parts that are no longer available on the open market or commissions them individually from the original manufacturers.


Special fittings

Special requirements: Kienle offers, on request, special fittings or conversions as long as they do not sacrifice faithfulness to the original model.


Servicing and customer service

Restoration, repair, maintenance and care: We take care of your classic cars with experience and expertise – driven by our enthusiasm and Swabian diligence.


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Bodywork and shell

At Kienle Automobiltechnik, we can restore, repair and maintain all high-quality Mercedes classic cars, from vintage Mercedes-Benz cars to pre-war supercharger cars through to modern classics.



In-house upholstery department

Cloth, leather, artificial leather or carpets: If renewing what is already there is not enough, Kienle upholsterers use original materials to restore your vehicle interior to its former glory.

Engine construction with engine test rig

Machines reconditioned by knowledgeable and experienced Kienle engine mechanics provide full power and are highly reliable – they proved it on the test rig prior to delivery.


Automotive electrical systems

Kienle automotive electricians are familiar with the specifics of the electrical circuits of every classic Mercedes car. Maintenance is carried out strictly to the original specifications – electrical faults are out of the question.


Replacement parts warehouse and parts procurement

From the early 1980s onwards, Kienle has gathered and stockpiled replacement parts for classic cars. And it was worth the effort. With over 40,000 individual components in stock, our replacement parts inventory is unique.


To the parts shop

Mechanical department and tool manufacture

Replacement parts from our in-house production facilities: Kienle Automobiltechnik reproduces spare parts that are no longer available and can also recreate special tools that can no longer be procured.


Final assembly and finishing

Once all components have been checked, maintained and restored, they are meticulously pieced together in final assembly. After a test drive, finishing is carried out – and another classic car is ready for delivery.


Do you want to find out more?

Something's always happening at Kienle: New classic cars in our range, new restorations, refined techniques and even the opportunity to take part in the Mille Miglia.


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