A new service in the house: KIENLE can also does radiators!

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For decades, KIENLE has been known for its enormous vertical range of manufacture in restorations. New to our range of services are now radiators: Through the integration of the traditional Swabian company Günther from Kornwesteheim, until recently one of the oldest radiator builders in southwestern Germany, KIENLE now also offers complex repairs and overhauls of all types of radiators directly in-house.


Since today radiators in cars, trucks and machines are consistently replaced instead of repaired, the basis for designated specialist companies has disappeared. This has serious consequences: Many companies that were active in radiator construction and repair for decades had to close down in the meantime. KIENLE Automobiltechnik has therefore now integrated this traditional craft as a permanent part of its own workshop and relies on the expertise of Bernhard Sajonz (61): He repaired radiators on a daily basis for around 25 years at the Günther company.

Bernhard Sajonz knows the many causes that impair radiator performance. Cracks in networks are actually rather rare, but limescale and rust inside often cause reduced water flow. In the case of defective cylinder-head gaskets, it can also happen that the engine forces air into the cooling system, which damages the water boxes soldered to the top and bottom of the radiator net. In the case of a repair, these brass water boxes are generally reused. They can be repaired easily with the appropriate experience: After careful sandblasting, they are straightened and possible cracks are soldered. Bernhard Sajonz orders the necessary new nets as custom-made cut parts.

Enormously important for the performance and reliability of a restored radiator is the process of soldering. For this purpose, Sajonz uses specially manufactured, thin soldering rods, plus a pointed flame that allows him to work precisely at a single point. The proof of tightness comes at the end: no bubbles rise in the dip tank despite the internal overpressure from the newly built radiator.

Only a high-performance radiator can reliably protect engines. It ensures many thousands of carefree kilometers, even when things get hot at rallies. Bernhard Sajonz also has an important tip to offer: especially in summer, it is very important to use a suitable radiator protection agent. A suitable additive prevents damage from corrosion and limescale in the long term. KIENLE Automobiltechnik will also be happy to advise you on this at any time.


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