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A wide variety of pictures of our family company are available on countless different media, whether in print, stored in electronic media or on conventional film: Our press releases, videos, online resources and last but not least our very own vintage car magazine KIENLE NEWS give you the opportunity to learn all about our restorations, our services, our range of vehicles and our history. They give you a brief glimpse of the true meaning of the allure of vintage cars.


The Monster at the KIENLE exhibition of the Retro Classics

created by Hermann Ries | |   Allgemeines

KIENLE Automobiltechnik presents a very special car at its booth at the Stuttgart classic car show of Retro Classics (22nd to 25th March 2018): A...

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Cordial invitation to visit with KIENLE at the Retro Cassics in Stuttgart

created by Hermann Ries | |   Allgemeines

KIENLE Automobiltechnik presents itself this year again at the Retro Classics in Stuttgart (March 22nd to 25th) with a large exhibition stand in the...

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Cordial invitation to visit KIENLE at the RETROMOBILE in Paris

created by Hermann Ries | |   Allgemeines

Once again KIENLE Automobiltechnik presents itself this year with an attractive offer of vehicles – from classic cars up to modern sports cars - at...

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KIENLE magazine

A wide variety of current stories, news, knowledgeable articles on topics relating to automotive history, classic car presentations and driving reports as well as interesting vehicle offers: KIENLE NEWS is a journalistic specialist magazine which has been published three times a year since 1999 – providing up to 84 pages of excellent infotainment.


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Something's always happening at Kienle: New classic cars in our range, new restorations, refined techniques and even the opportunity to take part in the Mille Miglia.


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